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GEPF Funeral Benefit

The purpose of the funeral benefit is to help pay the funeral cost. The GEPF pays a cash lump sum funeral benefit on the death of a member or pensioner. They also pay out on the death of a member or pensioner’s spouse, life partner or eligible child.

Pension Redress Program

Pension Redress Program The parties to the PSCBC, on the 02 September 1998 and 29 November 2002 respectively, agreed on a pension restructure process through the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) Resolution 07 of 1998 and Resolution 12 of 2002. The aim of the two resolutions is to provide compensation to government employees who …

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Now we can get closure

Regarding GEPF death benefit claim: “When I had lost all hope with the GEPF and my mother’s workplace, Janene came to our rescue. Within a short space of time she worked her magic and we finally received our payments. Now we can get closure, meaning no more dealing with the work place of our mom. …

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Divorce and the GEPF

Does my pension interest in GEPF form part of my assets for purposes of divorce? Depending on the nature of the marriage, the court may make a ruling as to how the assets shared in the marriage, such as for example a house, vehicles and the like be divided between the parties. The question is whether the pension interest of any party to the divorce forms part of the assets? The answer is: yes. There are three types of marriage regimes in South Africa