GEPF Funeral Benefit

What is a funeral benefit?

The purpose of the funeral benefit is to help pay the funeral cost. The GEPF pays a cash lump sum funeral benefit on the death of a member or pensioner. They also pay out on the death of a member or pensioner’s spouse, life partner or eligible child.

Who qualifies for the funeral benefit?

A GEPF member or pensioner, whose pension either commenced on or after 1 December 2002 or prior to 1 December 2002 and is still alive as at 1 April 2012.

Who can claim the funeral benefit?

 In the event where the member/pension passes away, a claim can be submitted by the deceased’s spouse, major child, parent or parent-in-law, brother/sister or brother-in-law/sister-in-law or the executor of the estate. No payment will be made to a funeral undertaker.

In the event where the member/pensioner’s spouse, life-partner of eligible child pass away, the member must submit the claim.

According to the Government Employees Pension Law, an eligible child is:

  • a natural or adopted child under the age of 18 years; or
  • a natural or adopted child between the ages of 18 and 22 years who is a full-time student at a recognised educational institution (proof from the relevant institution is required); or
  • a natural or adopted child who is disabled and factually dependant on the member or pensioner as defined above (medical proof of disability and confirmation of factual dependency is required); or
  • a still-born child – this is a child born after 26 weeks of pregnancy, who shows no signs of life and whose death cannot be classified as a self-inflicted termination as per the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996 (written confirmation of the duration of pregnancy and the death certificate, as issued by the attending physician and hospital, is required.)

Important note: Step-children and children of other family members who are in the care of a member or pensioner as defined above, do not qualify for this benefit unless those children have been legally adopted.

How much will be paid for the Funeral benefit?

The benefit payable upon death of a member or pensioner and/ his or her spouse and/or eligible children and/or stillborn will be as follows:

  • In a case of a member or pensioner funeral benefit payable is R15 000
  • In a case of a spouse funeral benefit payable is R15 000
  • In a case of eligible child funeral benefit payable is R6 000 per child
  • While in a case of a stillborn funeral benefit payable is R6 000 per stillborn

Which documents must be submitted?

 GEPF needs the following documents from claimants:

    • A fully completed Z300 form
    • An originally certified copy of the death certificate (issued by the Department of Home Affairs);
    • In the case of a still-born child, written confirmation of the duration of pregnancy and death certification as issued by the attending physician and hospital;
    • An originally certified copy of the deceased’s bar-coded ID or passport (or birth certificate in the case of a minor child);
    • An originally certified copy of the bar-coded ID or passport of the person applying for the benefit;
    • For payment into a bank account – the Z894 form (Banking Particulars Form);
    • When the claim is submitted by fax, the Z894 must be accompanied by a certified bank statement showing the bank’s e-mail and landline contact details (these contact details will be used to confirm the bank account details provided);
    • For payment via the Post Office – details of the online Post Office must be provided on the Z300 form. Applicants must confirm with the Post Office in question that it is an online Post Office. (Important note: the original application and attachments must be handed in at the Post Office when claiming the benefit – if the original documents are not handed to the Post Office, payment will not take place.)

Where applicable, the following additional documents must accompany the funeral benefits claim:

  • If the spouse is the deceased or the applicant: an originally certified copy of the marriage certificate, proof of marriage according to religious tenet, certificate of customary marriage, lobola letter, or two affidavits from each family confirming the customary union. Lobola letters and affidavits confirming customary marriage must specify the place, date and parties to the customary union, and also the lobola paid.
  • If an adopted child is the deceased or the applicant (major child): an originally certified copy of the adoption order stating the names of the adoptive parents.
  • If the benefit is payable to the estate: an originally certified copy of the letter of executorship and the Z894 (Banking Particulars Form) reflecting the estate’s banking details. When submitted by fax, the banking details form must be accompanied by a certified bank statement showing the e-mail and landline contact particulars of the bank (these contact details will be used to confirm the account details provided). A certified copy of the ID of the executor of the estate is also required.
  • If the deceased is a biological or legally adopted child, and the child was a full-time student over 18 years but under 22 years: the originally certified proof of full-time registration from a recognised educational institution.
  • If the deceased is a biological or legally adopted child who was over the age of 18 and was disabled and factually dependant on the member or pensioner: the originally certified medical proof of disability, along with proof of factual dependency.
  • If the surname of the applicant is different from that of the member or pensioner: an affidavit explaining the relationship, for example, that the applicant is the married daughter of a deceased member.
  • Where the applicant or the deceased is a life partner: the life partnership must be approved by GEPF before the claim can be processed. If the life partnership had, at the time of death, not yet been approved, a completed Life Partner Application form to be attached to the funeral benefit claim, along with all the prescribed attachments for both documents.

Wherever possible, GEPF tries to pay this benefit within 72 hours of receiving the application. The benefit is paid out as a cash lump sum and is taxable.

Contact us should you need further assistance. Xpression Assist is an independent company offering a charged service assisting clients with their claim.

Information source: GEPF

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42 thoughts on “GEPF Funeral Benefit”

  1. Hello, I would like to find out where I can update my particulars as I have moved to a new address.
    Thanking you,

    John Smuts

  2. where can i get form Z300 to keep handy for when needed.
    Can a claim be submitted by Email and at what adress. fax’s not in general use.

    1. Please note this is not the GEPF’s website. All forms can be downloaded from their website and further instructions are also available on how to claim on their site.

    1. Dear Busisiwe, please note I do not assist with outstanding leave payments; I suggest you follow-up with your Employer. Regards

  3. Hello, i would like to know that is it true that when claiming death benefit for the deceased spouse of customary marriage, if the Lobola Letter is not signed by 6 people ( 3 from each family). You have to submit affidavits to qualify and why is it not mentioned on the requirements?

    1. Dear Josephine, please note I do not work at the GEPF and suggest you direct your query directly to them to confirm their rules and regulations.

  4. Good day. Please could you advice me on how to word my affidavit. My life partners surname and mine differ. Gepf office needs a affidavit from me explaining why our surnames are not the same. Kind regards…

  5. Good day GEPF all Its members
    My father died in 2004 I was 10 years and he was already married by then but they did not have the child together,my father had children outside and am one of them, my mother also died when I was 12 years. I was out of the picture when everything was claimed after his death but When I was 20 years old I continue to meet people advising me that I should apply for the benefits but but I didn’t know what kind of benefits was that but later in 2014 I was been helped to apply for orphans pension, I was paid. but that was the only benefit I benefited from my fathers side. okay my fathers wife benefited all from property to everything, we all know that she is also getting spouse pension, but I would like to get clarity, if been help for bringing more light to my comment I would appreciate that. apart from all that the wife did get, I want know is it possible to get the orphans pension and not the lump sum, and who is entitled to get lump sum, yes the money was all paid how is it that the same person who excluded me when she did the claim is getting the monthly payment she is getting now?
    Thank You to everyone for bringing more light to my situation. my email:

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Melo, please note I do not work at the GEPF. When a member passes away and they have minor children, the GEPF will usually make a lump sum payment to the Master of the Court for safe keeping until the child is an adult. I cannot confirm whether this was done but I suggest you go to your nearest GEPF office and esquire whether they did make payment or not. Remember to take your ID with and any other information/documents you have relating to your father. If there was a lump sum payment made to the Court, you will be able to claim it now. Trust this information help.

  6. Good day
    I would like to know how long does it take to pay out the fund my husband past away on January the 10th till today my kids are hungry now I’m not working.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Caroline, are you referring to the death benefit or the funeral benefit? Please send me an email with the details of your query and I’ll respond with more accurate feedback,

      1. I have claimed for the father of my child since last year now GEPF says they finalized it is with the Masters court now, what does that mean

        1. Good day Shazzy, the GEPF pays the Master of the Court for save keeping of the benefit, when a child is under 18 years. You can approach the specific Court and request payment in respect of certain expenses like school fees. You must ask the GEPF for the payment letter confirming the payment to Court and present that to the court.

      1. Hi,

        As we are in the middle of covid I would prefer to fax claim for funeral benefit. Which fax number is in use?


        1. Xpression Assist

          Dear Geoffrey, please note this is not the GEPF’s website. I am a private consultant assisting clients with claims. Regards

  7. Humphrey Phenelope

    Good mornings I sent in a claim a few weeks ago the desease was my mother I fill in all the documents sins than there was no feedback from GEPF

    1. Dear Humphrey, the GEPF is currently experiencing a huge backlog in the Funeral application section, claims take 6-8 weeks to finalize. You won’t receive any notification until the documents are linked and scanned on the system. You can expect a sms within 5-7 weeks from submission. Regards

  8. Hi, I would like to know who’s particulars needs to be filled in on the first part of the Z300 form. The policy was on my father’s name, he passed on in 1996, my mom recieved the pension since then. She passed 2021. I am not to sure who’s details must be filled in! Help please!

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Miranda, Section A of the Z300 is the details of the member who received the pension, in other words that of your mother. Trust you find this in order.

      1. Hi. I submitted my deceased mother’s document on the 21st of July in application of funeral benefits and they told me that the money will be paid in two to three weeks. But no payment yet.

  9. Good day,
    I have submitted the Funeral claim benefit to GEPF with my Lobola letter and my avidavit, my claim as is declined stating that the is an error on my avidavit the date and place is not specified. Kindly advise if I can submit a second avidadi specifying the date and place? Kind Regards

    1. Dear Gladys, yes I believe you can submit another affidavit with the correct information. Also attach the Lobola letter should you have it. Regards

    1. Good day Baba, if SARS declined the claim it means there is an error on their side. The Executor of your sister’s Estate will have to go to SARS and rectify the error.

  10. Good day
    I’d like to make an enquiry. My mom is a retired professional nurse and she is receiving her pension money from GEPF. My dad passed away in August 2021, she never claimed the spouse death/funeral benefit because she has a problem with forgetfulness/ dimensia. I also did not know that there is such a benefit. I’d like to ask if it’s too late to lodge a claim now.
    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

    1. Dear Itumeleng, if your father was also a GEPF member (he still worked for Government or received a monthly pension from GEPF), she can claim the Spouse Pension and Funeral Benefit. If she’s the only GEPF member, she can claim only the Funeral benefit. Regards, Janene

  11. Good day I have have a child with a gepf member who passed away 2021 and the child it’s still a minor,so I was told that the money was paid to the master of the high court,so I must go to the masters to claim it on the child s question is will I get the money as a lump sum or a monthly one until the child turns 18?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Vinolia, please note I do not work at the GEPF and cannot confirm how the money will be paid by the Master of the Court. I suggest you direct your query to them. Regards

    1. Good day, it’s not possible to say exactly how long it will take. They are experiencing a huge backlog and I’ve seen claims taking as long as 6 weeks to be paid.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Julian, I can assit by following-up to determine what is causing the delay. I have sent you an email with further details on my services. Regards

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