6 thoughts on “Government Employee Pension Fund As A Defined Benefit Fund”

  1. victor paul maseko

    please assists me since i resign from the department of correctional services 2016/07/31 my service lump sum, was never paid. my persal no is 22307141, victor paul maseko, please assists

  2. Hello,My lawyer sent my decree of divorce to the Gedf a month ago and we still haven’t received a response,I would just like to know on how far they are,please assist

    Thank you

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Mathapelo, by sending a divorce decree to GEPF does not mean they will process the claim but only that the divorce is noted on the system. The GEPF requires specific documents to be submitted in order to process a valid claim. I have send you and email with details on how I can assist. Regards, Janene

  3. i am a divorcee, my ex-spouse received a portion of my pensions, as i am checking with the GEPF office i discovered that i am in debt which accumulates interest. please clarify how this is possible since the ex-spouse was paid from my pension. how come i owe with interest while there is still the big difference remaining?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Majozi, please read the blog post “Government Employee Pension Fund as a defined Benefit fund” where it explains why a debt is created when an ex-spouse claims divorce benefit. Also please note, this is not a GEPF website. Regards

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