Do you have a GEPF divorce claim? Have you claimed your divorce benefit from your ex-spouse’s Government Employee Pension Fund?

Or have you lodge a claim but are not getting any feedback from the GEPF?  Have you been waiting longer than 60days for your payment?

In the past, the “clean break principle” did not apply to the Government Employee Pension Fund.  But in 2011 the Cape High Court declared the law governing the GEPF unconstitutional and ordered the government to remedy the situation.

The Bill has been enacted and legislation has been amended – Government Gazette Vol 558 No 34864 of 14 December 2011.  (See Insertion of section 24A in Proclamation 21 of 1996).

Former spouses (the non-member) of members contributing to the GEPF can now claim their share of the fund as stipulated in their divorce order and don’t have to wait until retirement, resignation or death.

Since the enactment of the new law, the GEPF has received an unprecedented number of divorce claims and this might cause a delay in the finalization of a claim.  The GEPF however, has 60 days from date of submission of the claim to effect payment.

We can help you to either lodge a valid claim or to assist in expediting your payment should it be over the 60 days

Our service includes the administration of a divorce benefit claim and following-up on your claim.

We will assist with the following:

  • The collection of all relevant documentation from the non-member
  • Hand delivering all documentation to the GEPF in Pretoria
  • Following-up on the claim process
  • Giving feedback related to the process, the value of the claim and payment date
  • Ensuring that the claim is finalized

We personally go to the GEPF Walk-in-center on a weekly basis to ensure our clients’ claims are finalized.

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130 thoughts on “Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) Divorce Claims”

  1. Maomanyane Mmereki-Kajane

    I divorced in 2013, and I got my share (50%)from my husband and also he got my 50% of my pension. I heard that we owe GEPF, I just want to know how? Didn’t we have money on the GEPF or why GEPF did not pay ourself with our money?

    1. My divorce claim was admitted by my lawyer on 17 September last i phone they told me it’s been sent for processing my claim should’ve been done by my ex husband in May already but he didn’t so i took it in my own hand because he was standing in contempt of court. I still haven’t received any information either to myself or my lawyer at whats going on and the pension is my only income from this point on so how do i find out how far they are and how long are they really suppose to take because its going on 4 mnths now. Thanks Aletta Stols

      1. Xpression Assist

        Good day Aletta, I have sent you an email with further information. I will gladly assist you by following-up on your claim to determine what is causing the delay. Regards, Janene

  2. Hi my name is Martie
    My husband is bussy divorcing me. he left me for a nother lady
    he is working for defencefors I im going to get half of his pension but
    he is telling me I have to pay back the gepf funds because im getting that money.
    I don’t no what to do. he is n real churk….
    Please can you advice me

  3. Good day Martie
    You can read the following post, it explains that the member (your ex-husband) has to repay the portion of the pension interest allocated by the court and paid to the former spouse (which is you). In other word, you will not have to repay it, but he has to.
    You can contact me with any further queries,

  4. Good morning
    A friend of mine is struggling to get through to GEPF call Centre, she needs to put in a claim, can you please assist her.

  5. I was married in community of property for 10 years en got divorced. Am I entitled to 50% of my ex husband’s pension fund? And from when until when?

  6. Good morning Lerato
    In order to lodge a valid claim, the following must be stipulated in your Divorce Order and Settlement:
    • That you do have a claim on your ex-spouse’s pension fund.
    • The name of the Fund (GEPF).
    • The percentage you are entitled to.
    Please send me a copy of your Final Divorce Order and Settlement to determine the validity of your claim. Once this is confirmed, I’ll send you further information to proceed with the claim process. (

  7. Tanya Swanepoel

    I have put in my claim in January 2017. In March 2017 they were suppose to pay out the pension fund from our divorce. I was informed that the salary scales is not correct, and has been requested again from Police HR. We are now, in June 2017… and this salary scale is still not even done. I have asked them what is going on, and they keep telling me, it has to be updated. 5 Months later.. and I still didn’t receive my divorce pension fund.
    I’ve asked them how this works, and they said, WHEN they get the salary scale, it will go to SARS for tax, and then only get paid out. But it’s been months now?

  8. Good day Khanyisile
    The GEPF has 60 days to finalize your claim. I can however follow-up on your claim on a weekly basis to ensure it is being processed. I have sent you an email with further information but unfortunately it did not go through. You are welcome to send me and email to

  9. Gabriel matjie

    My name Gabriel Matjie my ID number is ********1088 my ex-wife had claimed 50percent from my gepf on 2017/03/28 since then she never got her share my problem is we agreed that I will maintain her with R5000,00 per month until gepf to me it seems I will never stop maintaining her please find out when will she be paid

  10. hai am khanyisisile plz help with my claim at gepf,they say I must send a choice form,sars tax number and banking detals but stil waiting for payout its more than 60 days now

  11. good day
    I am married for 4 months I have caught my husband cheating on me and I am getting a divorce ….will the duration of the marriage determine the amount I get paid by gepf ?

  12. Good day Diane
    It all depends on how you are married; in community of property, etc. I have sent you an email with the different marriage regimes in SA; please contact me should you have further questions. Regards, Janene

  13. I am not a member of GEPF but my wife is. We are in the process of getting divorced and I don’t have her pension details. I would like to know how should I go about claiming once the process is finalised?

  14. Good Day
    I am getting divorced from my husband and he is a non contributing member as he was medically boarded and I want the rules of GEPF regarding the pension fund from GEPF

  15. Angela Stemmet

    I think there is something wrong with your phone lines, I was talking to an agent and was cut off by a voice re rating service. Kindly assist, query client’s payout after divorce.

  16. Good day Angela
    Please note this website is not the GEPF’s; this is a private company assisting people with their claims – I think you are referring to the GEPF’s lines that are faulty. You are welcome to contact me should you need assistance with your claim, / 083-320-0145.

  17. Reuben Matewu

    I divorced my wife in 2003.We were married in community of property.It was a 13 year old marriage.The divorce decree says “Division of the joint estate is ordered.” Can I consult a lawyer to take it to court for the exact claim from GEPF to included in the Decree?

  18. Ey. Myslf n my Wife gonna have an uncontested devorse we havent stated can u advice me as we agreed that i will gv her 50% of my pension n how do i find out how much i have on GEPF

  19. Hello Thabo,
    It should be stipulated correctly in your Divorce Decree / Settlement that she has a claim against your Pension. I have sent you an email with the correct citation. Contact me should you have any more questions.

  20. Good day, we have recently divorced, my ex wife doesnt speak to me, she is a member of gepf, im entitled to 50% of her pensions as she is also entitled, how do I go about claiming my share

  21. Good day Joale, you do not need her consent to submit your claim, as long as it is stipulated in your Divorce Decree. I can assist you to submit your claim; I have sent you an email.

  22. Hi…i submitted documents to my ex’s HR offices in August to claim for his pension fund,we both government employees but his telling me that his HR won’t process the papers as he hasn’t claimed for my pension fund…what should I do

  23. Dear Vincentia, you can submit your claim directly at the GEPF and do not have to wait for your ex-spouse or HR to proceed. I have sent you an email with further information.

  24. Good day Khanyisile
    It basically means that your claim must be loaded for a payment run. If this is taking too long I suggest you follow-up with them. You can either give it another week or if you want my assistance, I can follow-up on it when I go there personally. Regards, Janene

  25. Hello Sam,
    My fee is 2% of the value of the claim which is only payable once your claim has been finalized and you received payment from the GEPF. I have sent you an email with further information.

    1. Andisiwe Mbomvu

      Hi… I submitted my claim in jan at the GEPF, jst want to know how long does it take for payment

      1. Xpression Assist

        Hallo Andisiwe, the GEPF has 60 days to finalize a divorce claim but due to a backlog this can take longer. Let me assist you by following-up on your claim to ensure it is finalized and paid. I have sent you an email with further information. Regards Janene

  26. Plz help gepf say they are waiting for payment date so am confused dat still now there’s nothing happened

  27. Dear Khanyisile
    Currently there is a bit of a backlog at the Payment section but I can follow-up on your behalf to see what is causing the delay. I have sent you an email with more information.


    We got divorced on the 19th of October and now the x husband says that the papers are still with his HR .The GEPF says they do not have it. And in the deed it says 2 months that he has.
    He is not bothered at all or want to give me any info.Can you please assist . Thanks Jana

  29. Am still waiting for gepf for my payment on divorce claim they told me dat they are waiting for payment date plz help its been six months now

  30. Hi I have claimed in October 2016 I went der to check BT they have told me DAT the last day they worked on my claim was 8 of December. Can u check for m if is anything wrong abt my claim

  31. Good day Expressionassistance.
    I divorced in 2009 and my spous received her claim of pension fund bt im not sure when did she received and currently im not sure how much is my pension fund remain at the current moment pls assist by checking it for me.

  32. Chantell Viljoen

    Hi, i wonder if you can help me. My father in law past away in may 2017. My husband get 25% of his pension fund but i need to know they said in december 2017 that our staff is at the legal department how long will this take before payment
    Kind regards

  33. Hello Chantell
    I can follow-up on your behalf when I go to the GEPF personally. When it is with the Legal Section it usually means that they are investigating some issue. I will only be able to confirm this once I’ve followed-up. I have sent you an email with further information.

  34. Portia Mdlokovu

    Good afternoon
    I have submitted a divorce claim since October 2017, my ex-husband was paid December 2017 already but my payment has not been paid,I need to know what is happening kindly assist please.

  35. Fred van Niekerk

    I’m assisting a family member who is divorcing a SAPS member and has been told by both the wife’s and his own lawyers that his pension portion will only be paid out on her retirement date, while he is liable for his half of the communal debt now. The court has rejected the first submission of signed divorce papers as all mention of the pension settlement has been omitted. We suspect collusion between the lawyers to protect the member’s pension fund. How can we proceed.

  36. Good day Fred
    In the past, the “clean break principle” did not apply to the Government Employee Pension Fund. But in 2011 the Cape High Court declared the law governing the GEPF unconstitutional and ordered the government to remedy the situation.
    The Bill has been inacted and legislation has been amended – Government Gazette Vol 558 No 34864 of 14 December 2011.
    Former spouses (the non-member) of members contributing to the GEPF can now claim their share of the fund as stipulated in their divorce order and don’t have to wait until retirement, resignation or death.
    Please read the article on this website:
    You are welcome to contact me for further information, 083-320-0145.

  37. Fred van Niekerk

    Thank you for this site. I have a another family member who divorced her policeman husband 10 years ago. Through ignorance on her part and there was no mention of the SAPS pension in the divorce settlement. I understand the previous ruling was in place at the time meaning she would be paid out on his retirement from the force. He is retiring (30+ years service) in April this year. She has since passed on and he has remarried but leaves behind their estranged children and grandchildren. Do the children have a claim on their mother’s portion of his pension ?
    Kind regards

  38. Hello Fred
    In order to have a valid claim against the GEPF it must be specifically stipulated in the divorce decree that the non-member has a claim. If it is not stipulated the GEPF will not make payment. If it is stipulated a claim can be made against the member by the executor of the deceased ex-spouse.
    Hope this answers your question.

  39. Hi, I divorced in 2011 and got my 50% share but i got less as expected. Do they tax my portion of my ex husbands pension fund? He resigned last year August 2017 and is still waiting for his pension to be paid out. 3 of his colleagues who also left after him got their money already. Apparently there is a problem with the divorce papers. Im just wondering if this could be about the Tax?

  40. Good day Avril
    First of all, yes you pay tax on our divorce benefit and it is subtracted before payment is made to you.
    Secondly, let your ex-husband contact me for assistance with his resignation benefit.

  41. Hi
    I’d like to know if it’s possible for GEPF to pay 50% to your spouse without letting you know. Actually my ex- husband was paid a lump sum and I found myself owing some third party company without my knowledge. I mean if they told me of the situation I would have done otherwise not to face a huge loan that was paid on my behalf without my knowledge.
    Kindly enlighten me regarding this matter.
    Thanks in Advance

  42. Morning Patricia
    The GEPF will only pay a divorce benefit on grounds of a valid Divorce Court Order. In other words,if it is stipulated in your divorce order/settlement that your ex-spouse can claim against your pension, GEPF will pay him the benefit without further permission from your side and/or informing you of this. I do not understand your remark about “some third party” but if you are referring to the debt against your Pension, you can read my article
    where it explains that the member will now owe GEPF the amount paid to the non-member spouse and that this amount will also accrue interest. This is so because GEPF paid, on the member’s behalf, the debt he or she owes to the non-member spouse. You are welcome to contact me should you have further questions. Regards

  43. Hi
    My husband does not want to give me his pension fund membership number, so that i can give it to my attorneys. I have written to his HR department requesting the number, but they not responding. How can i get his pension fund membership number so i can proceed?

  44. Good day Naledi
    Do you only need the pension number to stipulate it in your Divorce Settlement? If so, your attorney can use the following citation and it will be accepted by GEPF:
    “In terms of Section 7(7) and 7(8)(a)(i) and (ii) of the Divorce Act 70 of 1979 it is agreed that 50% of the pension interest, due and assigned to the (member), held in the Government Employees Pension Fund be paid to the (claimant) by the aforementioned fund when any such pension benefits accrue in respect of the (member), up to the date of the granting of the Decree of Divorce. An endorsement to this effect must be made in the records of the abovementioned Pension Fund, member ID number XXXXX.” ‘
    Contact me should you have any other questions.

  45. Please put my mind at rest. I divorced in 2009. There is no mention of pension in my divorce decree. I’m assuming this means my ex husband has no claim to any portion of pension?

  46. Morning Jules
    The GEPF will only make payment to an ex-spouse on grounds of a Court Order (Divorce Decree) ordering them to do so. If you and your ex-spouse never agreed to this and it is not stipulated in your Divorce Decree, he cannot claim from the Fund.

  47. I resigned my current job and my pension needs to be paid out and transferred to another fund. However they asked if I was divorced before, I never gave it a thought as it was a DIY divorce more 12 years ago and I was married less than a year. I do not have any information nor do I know where my ex is. How do I get hold of the divorce papers and further with a DIY divorce, is there really a claim against my pension fund?

  48. Good day Leone
    In order for the GEPF to make payment to your ex-spouse, the claim must be stipulated in your divorce decree. You can obtain a copy of your divorce order at the court where you got divorced.

  49. hi there, I have claimed for the pensioned (97473470) after the divorce to my husband on the 04th of January 2018, until now I have not received the payout. I have tried calling the number 0800117669 and also visited the branch in Johannesburg but no one can assist in telling me where is the held-up.

  50. Dear Mrs Khumalo
    I can follow-up at the GEPF to see what is causing the delay. I sent you and email with more information but it was undelivered; seems like your email address is incorrect. You can contact me directly at and I will send you further information.

  51. keitumetse rakate

    Is it possible to stop my husband to get his pension fund,he is resigning, we are on the process of divorce and he is resigning because of that.
    Thank you in advance

  52. Dear Keitumetse, I trust you are working through a lawyer to finalize your divorce. The GEPF takes more or less 60 days to pay-out pension benefit to a member once he/she resigned. I suggest you ask your lawyer to apply for an urgent Court Interdict preventing the GEPF from paying him until the divorce is finalized and you can apply for the divorce benefit.I advise that this interdict is then hand delivered to the GEPF to ensure they receive it; also ask for proof of receipt. You are welcome to contact me for further assistance.

  53. Tobeka Makitakita

    my ex-husband got his provident fund in 2012 whilst were legally married but in separation. he moved out in 2011. I demanded my 50% share and did not give me until he finished it. he is working for a new company now. He filed the divorce and claims my 50% pensions. we have a daughter, she is 15 yrs old. He has a bond house where we still live in it. regarding with the provident fund he got in 2012 he says it must be deducted from my 50% pensions he has claimed from and be given the balance. Do GEPF does that when someone did not share his provident fund and claims his 50% share from his spouse. Do I have to refuse to share mine to him if he has nothing on the table. Regarding with the bond do we have to sell the house and share the money or do I have to give him back as we are not going to split our pensions.

  54. Good day Tobeka, the GEPF will endorse the claim on grounds of the Divorce Decree. They will not deduct anything when making payments. In other words, should your ex-spouse submit all the documents to claim his 50%, the GEPF will pay according to the Divorce Decree. Regarding your bond, I am not a lawyer and can therefor not give any legal advise. I suggest you speak to your lawyer about this. Regards, Janene

  55. Good day, I’ve recently divorced last month, end of June and I’m struggling to get to SARS and GEPF, I’m staying at the rural area, I wanted to ask if my delay won’t cause any problem regarding the claim?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Emily, you will need to be registered with SARS when you submit your divorce claim at the GEPF. If you are registered you will need proof of your tax number, for instance an IRP5 or a SARS registration letter. If you are not registered and you are not near a SARS office you can do so via eFiling. I can assist you by submitting your claim on your behalf at the GEPF. You are welcome to contact me for further assistance, / 0833200145. Janene

  56. Sivuyisiwe Mpekula

    I’m struggling to get paid from Gepf after divorce settlement I send them all the documents but the is a delay on legal offices I’ve been calling them since January

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Sivuyisiwe, I can assist you by following-up on your claim and determine where the delay is. I will then ask them to attend to your claim so that your payment is done. I have sent you and email with further information.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good morning Florence, I can assist you to claim your share of your ex-spouse’s pension. I have sent you and email with further information. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Janene

  57. please send me more information on how to proceed with the claim from my ex husband as I don’t want to wait long and how fast is your process with the GEPF?

  58. I am about to finalise my divorce an i want to finish the giving of my partner 50% share of my pension as i dont want anything to do wth her please help me how to do fast claim to gepf

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Steve, thank you for your query with regards to the divorce claim process. I have sent you an email with further details. Regards, Janene

  59. Elizabeth leeto

    Hi i submitted all the necessary documents for my divorce claim on 28 June 2018 and I haven’t been paid yet,can you please help me,kind regards

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Elizabeth, I can definitely assist you. I have sent you and email with further information.

  60. Please help me with a divorce claim I am at my wits end. All documents were submitted on 04 October 2018

  61. Please send email with info on how to access your services I have resigned at the end of September and I have still not been paid there have been endless problems with my paper work sitting in one department for an entire month currently. Please contact me

  62. Good day….. I HAVE BEEN DIVORCED ON THE 17th of sept 2018. There is a chance for me getting back pay due to OSD translation. Will GEPF deduct pension contribution from that amount if the backpay is paid in after his share of pension interest was paid out?

  63. Nnono Othniel Khabele

    Is it possible that my spouse can claim her pensions fund even after we have signed a settlement order with our lawyers and still waiting for a court date to be awarded our decrees. Is it legal so? We signed the order in November 2018 and up to now I am just hearing she has applied for her pensions. I can furnish you with her particulars if necessarily needed for you to check for me.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Nnono
      Yes she can resign and apply for her pension benefit. If the GEPF is not informed of the pending divorce there is a possibility that they will pay-out the benefit before the divorce is settled. I suggest you ask your lawyer to draw up a letter informing the Fund of the pending divorce. Also, rather submit the letter personally at their office than emailing/faxing it. Let me know should you need further assistance.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Sarah
      I can definitely assist you to lodge your divorce claim. I have sent you an email with further details. You are welcome to contact me should you have any further questions.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Zolani, I have sent you an email on how I can assist you. I can follow-up with the GEPF to determine where your claim is in the process and ensure it is finalized. Please respond to the email I’ve sent. Regards Janene

  64. Vicereine Hendricks

    Good Morning
    My husband filed for divorce and we have a date for October in the high court. I contacted the GEPF for an estimate on my pension. They assist me with my current value. Im married for 20 years (11 March 1999 to current) but have 30 years service. I requested them for estimate on 20 years. Seems they unable to calculate my 20 contribute. Will you be able to assist pls. Thank you.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Vicereine, I have sent you an email with further information. I can request an estimation for your. Regards Janene

  65. Hi can u help me my X husband works for parliament he is going on early retirement as he got married to a female how’s from over sea’s he is planning to go and stay over here .. can u help me

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Rene, do you need to submit a divorce claim in accordance with your Divorce Decree? If you have not informed the GEPF of the pending claim you need to do so ASAP. I will send you and email with further information. Regards Janene

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Janine, I can assist you with your divorce claim; I have sent you an email with more information. Regards Janene


    My divorce was done last year. My attorney submitted all relevant documents. It is way more than 6 months and I have not received any feedback or payment.

    If you are able to help, please furnish me with your full cost for assistance.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Dimple, I can assist you by following-up with GEPF personally. I have sent you an email with further information. Regards

  67. I got divorced on 19/11/1999. My ex-spouse went to court on that day , and I have no idea if it was in the Pretoria or Johannesburg High Court. I have been trying to obtain a copy of my original divorce decree but I have no success as it cannot be located in the archives. I know I need to submit a copy of the original divorce decree upon my retirement in 2026 but what is the situation when a copy of the divorce decree cannot be submitted TO rhe GEPF. my ex-spouse also does not have a copy of the decree anymore. Kind regards.

    1. Can you please assist me with information whom I can contact at the Johannesburg central divorce court to physically go and search for my case in their records in order to try and locate a copy of my divorce decree. I already went to the Pretoria High Court and searched their court case registers since 1998 until they went electronic but it was definitely not there. I will really appreciate any assistance in this regard. Kind regards

    2. Xpression Assist

      Good day Johan, unfortunately I do not assist with obtaining a divorce decree. It will be quite difficult to search for the document if you do not know at which court. You will also need a date of divorce. You can contact this company to see if they can perhaps assist with the limited information you you: or (please note I only got this information from the internet; Xpression Assist is not affiliated with them at all).
      Regard, Janene

  68. Hi. Can you please assist me here. I resigned on the 31st of March 2019. I submitted all the documents via my department. Salary stopped showing that my resignation was received. I also got a letter from the Department. Two weeks back I contacted GEPF and they said they haven’t received my documents from the Department. I had to start all over again and submit the documents via the HR offices, which I’m certainly sure they didn’t submit to GEPF. Is there anyway you can assist of fast tracking the process? Like submitting to GEPF straight instead to via the HR. Because now on calculations if they happen to submit it, it will take me another 2 months waiting period. In totally 5 months. Can you help in this situation?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Musa, please note that you have to contact your HR or Department personally; they do not allow 3rd parties to do this. Once you’ve contacted me I will be able to follow-up on the claim at GEPF. You are welcome to contact me,

  69. Phindile Phakathi

    Good day I have submitted my decree last week Tuesday but now the GEPF in Pietermaritzburg is giving me the run around saying process will take 6 months??? How?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Phindile, I can assist to ensure you receive your payment within the 60 day period. I have sent you an email with further details on how I can assist. Regards

  70. julandi booysen

    Hi i have my submitted my document for the divorce claim on the 17th of may..they told me the proses started on the 4th of june..but the outstanding tax nr slowed down the proses . which ive sent on the 18 th on june can u assist me by accumulating the time frame please.thank you

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Julandi, I can assist by following-up personally at GEPF and request urgent attention to your case. I have sent you an email with further information. Regard, Janene

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