Regarding a GEPF death benefit claim:

“My siblings and I struggled for over 7 years with our late father’s claim at the GEPF when we found Janene. She was honestly our last hope because we were ready to give up after all the visits to GEPF that resulted in nothing. We signed the documents and Janene started the process of which she reported back to us weekly. The weekly updates she gave us brought back all the hope because we saw progress. Within a short period of time we received our payments and it was unbelievable. I will forever thank Janene for her professionalism, kindness, patience, fairness and for being trustworthy. I strongly recommend Janene for her quick services for any GEPF problems that people are facing.” – Yonela

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10 thoughts on “I struggled for over 7 years”

  1. Francina nonyane mahao

    We struggle to qet our brother pernsion fund..its been 7 yrs now..his name is Buti Abram Nonyane.he die in 2011december..he worked at National hospital bloemfontein as an lecture nd professional nurse..he doe not have a child nd wife..he left he is herit with sibli..Tabile belina nonyane….moipone nonyane…lerata nonyane..tshidiso nonyane.william nonyane… m her niece..we just wa nt know whts happening

    1. Xpression Assist

      Hello Francina
      I have sent you and email regarding your query. I can follow-up on the claim to see what the problem is. Regards, Janene

  2. Dear Janene

    What is your cost for your service, do not want to be unable to pay you is the claim fails.

    Kind regards


    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day, my fee is payable once your claim is finalized. In other words there are no fees payable upfront and if the claim fails and there is no pay-out to you, I do not ask a fee. You are welcome to email me your query and I’ll advise from there. Regards Janene

  3. Sibusiso Lugojolo

    Greetings Janene, I’m struggling to get my benefit from GEPF I’m not getting any feedback from them I applied in 2018 june but nothing is forthcoming I almost gave because I’m so depressed by the GEPF uncaring staff up until I came across your service suggestion on hello-peter web, can you please help me ?

  4. george wessels

    I apply for pensioen redress in 2013 But still rec nothing. My persal no is 57184348 Pens no is 99333684 I was previously working for the department of defence now in service for the department of health. 17 years for the SANDF( Airforce)

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day George
      Due to the National Lockdown GEPF is currently not attending to any redress claims. I suggest you contact them directly for further information. Regards

  5. Good morning,
    Hope you well!
    I just want to follow up to find out if the Pension redress is paying out beneficiaries?
    I am getting no information when I call in regarding this.
    My mother’s status shows approved with the period of approval.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Veronique, the feedback I received from GEPF is that they are currently not processing Redress payments. Pension redress was an additional task given to GEPF to handle the payment after PSCBC made all the decisions. This is not the core functions of GEPF and therefore it is placed on hold until after the lockdown. The few personnel at work already struggle to pay the normal claims and the additional load cannot also be accommodated. I suggest you follow-up once the National Lockdown is lifted. Regards, Janene

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