Regarding GEPF claim:

“I was struggling for months on end with the GEPF.  So I googled and found Xpression Assist. Janene was very quick with her response to my email. She started the process as soon as I sent my documents through to her. In a little bit more than a month I received my pay-out.  I got weekly updates from her as to how thing are processing I am very pleased with her service and will strongly recommend her for GEPF struggles.” – Jessica

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4 thoughts on “I was struggling for months on end.”

  1. hi im lynette adams it is almost 3months for my divorce claim they keep on saying my claim is in process do you ask a fee to help

    1. Xpression Assist

      Hi Lynette, I can follow-up at GEPF to determine what is causing the delay as it should not take this long. I have sent you an email with information on my services. Regards

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