Regarding GEPF death benefit claim:

“When I had lost all hope with the GEPF and my mother’s workplace, Janene came to our rescue. Within a short space of time she worked her magic and we finally received our payments. Now we can get closure, meaning no more dealing with the work place of our mom. Thank you to Janene for her professionalism and consistency.” – Duduzile

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16 thoughts on “Now we can get closure”

    1. Dear Ronel, do you need assistance to submit your claim or have you already submitted the documents and are still waiting for your payment?

  1. G/Day
    All the necessary documents was submitted to GEPF and their Legal team is requesting a nature of marriage what is it where do we get it please assist?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Maria, I am not sure exactly what they require but from what you’ve asked I assume they want confirmation on what kind of marriage it was, Civil or Customary and the to submit proof in the form of a Marriage Certificate or a Labola Letter. I trust this information is helpful. Regards, Janene

  2. Morning,
    My ex husband is from Zimbabwe and does not have a South African ID and not registered to Sars. We were married in community of property. Is it possible for him to claim my pension fund?

    1. Dear Salome, first of all, it must be stipulated in your divorce decree that he can claim. If it is not, then he can’t claim. If it is correctly stipulated then he can claim but he will have register with SARS. Trust this answers your question. Regards

  3. I submitted my documents at the Department of education for them to forward to GEPF. Thats about 4 week ago.
    Till now….its been silent…no word nothing.
    Please help

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Sandile, I can assist by following-up at GEPF to determine whether the Employer has sent through the documents or not. Should it not be with GEPF yet you must contact the Employer directly. I have sent you an email with further information. Regards

  4. Hi there
    just wanna know if you have divorce papers and submit to GEPF how long does it take for gepf to payout. Thanks

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day George, the GEPF has 60 days to finalize a divorce claim. Lately I have noticed that it is closer to 90 days. They are experiencing a huge backlog due to Lockdown regulations. I can assist you with the process and have sent you an email with further information on my services. Regards, Janene

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Belinda, I can most definitely assist you; I have sent you an email with more information. Regards

  5. Hi I have filled for devorce as non member and now waiting on the decree, please can you tell me as a non member do i needs to submit the documents to GEPF or the member?

    1. Good day Reward, it is better for the non-member to submit the claim personally. It takes much longer when it is done through the member’s Employer. Also, there is a Divorce Choice Form the non-member must personally complete and sign. I have sent you an email on how I can assist with the process.

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