Regarding GEPF death benefit claim:

“When I had lost all hope with the GEPF and my mother’s workplace, Janene came to our rescue. Within a short space of time she worked her magic and we finally received our payments. Now we can get closure, meaning no more dealing with the work place of our mom. Thank you to Janene for her professionalism and consistency.” – Duduzile

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6 thoughts on “Now we can get closure”

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Ronel, do you need assistance to submit your claim or have you already submitted the documents and are still waiting for your payment?

  1. G/Day
    All the necessary documents was submitted to GEPF and their Legal team is requesting a nature of marriage what is it where do we get it please assist?

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Maria, I am not sure exactly what they require but from what you’ve asked I assume they want confirmation on what kind of marriage it was, Civil or Customary and the to submit proof in the form of a Marriage Certificate or a Labola Letter. I trust this information is helpful. Regards, Janene

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