Pension Redress Program

The parties to the PSCBC, on the 02 September 1998 and 29 November 2002 respectively, agreed on a pension restructure process through the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) Resolution 07 of 1998 and Resolution 12 of 2002.

The aim of the two resolutions is to provide compensation to government employees who suffered various forms of discrimination by government pension funds under apartheid. This discrimination amongst others includes the following; female teachers and other female employees in the public service who had to resign to give birth and upon return were admitted to the Temporary Employees Pension Fund (TEPF), RSA citizens employed in former Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, and Ciskei (the so-called “TBVC States”) and Employees admitted to temporary pension funds due to their medical/physical status.

The following members qualified:

  • Employees in service on 2nd September 1998, and
  • Employees who suffered forms of discrimination (as outlined above) in terms of the PSCBC Pension Redress process

The following needs to be noted:

  1. Members that are currently in-service and qualified for the redress process, their service period has been increased.
  2. Members who qualified and are currently receiving a monthly pension from GEPF, payment has commenced for people on pensions.
  3. Members who qualified and have exited the system have to be “traced” in order to have their details verified for pay-out. These include members who have resigned and beneficiaries of the deceased members.
  4. The application process closed on the 31 March 2012, there is no further application processes that the PSCBC will embark upon.
  5. We are aware that there are agents that are misleading people by presenting them with application forms, charging them exorbitant fees and making false promises regarding the redress process, we view this as mischievous behaviour and caution people not to engage these services.

Check Your Application Status:

Follow the link and enter your ID number to see the status of application:

Have you previously been approved for REDRESS pension or are you the beneficiary of a late member who qualifies? Let us assist you and follow-up on the process. We will communicate all necessary information and update on the status of the claim and ensure you receive your pay-out (should you qualify and are approved).

Please contact us and we will send you further information.

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18 thoughts on “Pension Redress Program”



    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Paulina, I have sent you an email requesting more information. Once I’ve received your response I’ll advise further. Regards

    2. I m me Lichaba my persal no is 09******.I’d 6310******* I still waiting if I qualify for pension redress send respond to enoch******* Thanx

  2. Hi
    My name is Charles Oortman,Beneficiary of late Gerhardus Oortman. ID number 62******** , Persal number 51***** and Pension number 96******. Date of death 10/08/2009.
    They sent a letter on 12 August 2016 and inform me that my application of redressing received favorable attention and they will communicate the outcome within 4 -6 weeks.Sins then I HAVE not received any feedback

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Charles, the GEPF did start paying Redress pension to those members who are currently on their pay-roll. Payment of beneficiaries of members who qualifies for the Redress has not been paid yet and there is currently no indication when this be processed. I have sent you an email with further information. Regards, Janene

  3. Ntombifuthi Radebe

    Hi my name is Ntombifuthi RADEBE. Can I please have feedback about my application whether I qualified or not. I sent required documents back in 2015 and didn’t get any response. Thank you

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Ntombifuthi, please note I do not work at the GEPF and will not be able to confirm whether the application was successful or not. You can follow the link on my blog post to see if the application was successful or not. Alternatively you can contact GEPF directly with your query. Regards

  4. Averil Gordon

    Good Day Sir/Madam
    I was on annual leave November 2011 and on the last Friday of my leave I was contacted by my pension officer at home that my name came up for pension redress. The Monday back from leave I went to pension office to complete the relevant forms. This was done in Nov/Dec 2011. My question therefore why did I not receive any monetary compensation if my forms was sent and on time. Please give me feedback as this does not make sense at all.
    Kind Regards

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Averil, although the applications for Redress Pension were submitted previously, GEPF only started with payments this year (2019). They are currently paying members who are still on their pay-roll (pensioners). Depending on whether you are still employed or not depends on when your pension Redress will be processed. Trust this answers your question. Regards

  5. Good day
    My name is Maria Magdalene Gelant id no 501060****** persal 5*******.I would like to know how far my process is regarding the redress program as i am still on the GEPF payroll.

    I will appreciate your assistance.


    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Maria, GEPF is currently processing Redress pension to those who are still on their payroll. There is unfortunately no time frame for when it will be finalized. Regards

  6. Wilhelmina Joseph

    I am Wilhelmina Joseph id. 540503******* pers. 5023****.I received a letter in 2016 to inform me that my application for redress receive favorable consideration and that they wil communicate the outcome of the prosess within 4-6 month. Since then there was no response.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Wilhelmina, GEPF has paused all further payments due to incorrect payments that were made. Further processing and payments will only continue once GEPF has cleared everything and there is currently no indication of when this will be.

  7. Good day,

    I applied for programme back in 2011. All my colleagues have received their money, but apparently I did not contribute to pension fund, and some documents were outstanding, but we all had the same documents. Apparently someone has been working on my file since 15 October 2019. i am not getting straight answers.

  8. Still waiting for redress payout. I am a gepf pensioner. My Id: 5402******.Persal: *****. Pension number: *****. According to the website I qaulify. Please help i applied in 2009 the first time. Why is this taking do many years

    1. Xpression Assist

      Dear Hazel, the GEPF has only started paying Redress pension in 2019 but not all applicants have received their payment yet. I suggest you contact the PSCBC directly with your query, +27 (0)12 644 8100. Regards

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