35 thoughts on “Required Documents To Lodge A GEPF Divorce Claim”

  1. Virginia Isobel Afrika

    Goodday. I’ve been trying to get assistance for my divorce claim .The lawyer that was supposedly to help me…has been very rude an unproffesional…get someone please help me?

  2. Virginia Isobel Afrika

    Thank you….I was so busy trying to do everything myself….but thanks anyway. Will contact you if I have problems with the claim itself. I did already sent the required documents to the fund.

  3. Hi I am in need of help my husband divorced me and we got married in community of property and he is a soldier, I have received my divorce degree and deed of settlement. I am entitle to 50%, but I don’t know what to do how to claim can you help me please. Thank you.

      1. Xpression Assist

        Good day Johan, I have sent you an email with more information on how to claim a divorce benefit from GEPF.

  4. Hi Janene, I have a challenge, I don’t have my marrieage certificate at my disposal and I enquired about getting it from Home Affairs. However I was told its going to take from 3months to 6months. The man aldready divorced me but, there is no settlement hence we were married in community of property. What do I do. I am afriad he might resign as he is in he 50’s. He is a government employee.

  5. Good day Lebo
    First of all, it must be specifically stipulated in your divorce order that you can claim against his Pension Fund. If it only says “division of joint estate” you will have to obtain a variation/amendment order stipulating your claim against his fund. Secondly, you only need a marriage certificate should it be stipulated that you can claim for “time of marriage”. You are welcome to contact me should you have any further queries, 083-320-0145. Regards Janene

  6. hi
    How long will it still take for the pension fund to pay? I had a pretty straight-forward divorce but the fund takes so long to pay.

  7. Dear Salome
    The GEPF has 60 days to finalize a divorce claim. I can assist by following-up on your behalf when I go personally to the GEPF. I have sent you an email with further information.

  8. Dear Salome
    I can assist by following-up on your behalf. I go personally to the GEPF on a weekly and can assist. I have sent you an email with more information.

  9. Kennedy chauke

    Hi I don’t have a divorce settlement,is the GEPF going to process my claim?I’ve got all the documents except the settlement.

  10. nolusindiso Sylvia Ndakisa

    Type here..hi I need help my husband divorce me, without me being in court, on 204 his working in SAPS, I only realised this year January, that he has removed me from his pension fund, I don’t know what to do with situation

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Nolusindiso, if your husband divorced you, he can change the beneficiaries to his pension. Unfortunately I do not assist with situations like this and advise you try to resolve the issue with him. Regards

  11. Good day my divorce was finalised last year in march 2017 but only did the claim in April 2018 since I was not aware that I’m already divorced on the settlement it does state that I’m entitled 50% which we both signed documents where send to my ex husband retirement fund since April but no transfer have been made after 4 months.and they keep sending a response on the email that I should wait 60 days but their time frame has passed.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Zanele, if it is not specifically stipulated in your Divorce Decree that you can claim from your ex-spouse’s pension at the GEPF, you will not be able to claim. If you send me a copy of your Divorce Decree and Settlement I will advice, janene@xpression.co.za. Regards Janene

  12. I have a divorce decree I want claim pension I need assistance. Am suppose to get 50 %of my wife’s pension

  13. Matshidiso Magdeline Eunice Majoang

    Dear Janine…I claimed and sent all the required documents to GEPF..in February I only received 13,500 something..until now I haven’t heard or received anything..can you please help me..

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Matshidiso, I cannot confirm if that was the divorce benefit paid to you. I suggest you call the GEPF and ask about the amount. If it is the divorce benefit and you are not satisfied you can contact me and I will advise you from there. Regards Janene

  14. Sibusiso Velenkosini Mthenjwa Mthembu

    My wife filed for divorce and I did not contest it and on papers she stated that she is entitled of her 50% pension intest on my GEPF fund and she just informed me that on the 25th of October is the court case and now I strongly feel that I’m also entitled of my 50% on her GEPF What must I do now as she is going to court on the 25th and I never had made any written thing to state this can I still claim my 50% on that day please help my email is sbusisomthembu957@gmail.com

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Sibusiso, I am not a lawyer and can therefor not give you legal advice. I suggest you contact your lawyer and inquire about the steps you need to take.

  15. Nhlonipho Ndikandika

    Good day my name is Nhlonipho Ndikandika, and I would like to make a GEPF claim for my father who passed away three years ago.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Nhlonipho, if your father was still employed at the time of his death you must go to his Employer and lodge the claim there. They will then send it through to GEPF. You are welcome to contact or email me your detailed query. Regards, Janene

  16. Can you assist us with the follow-up of our divorce claim. All documentation were submitted to GEPF on 11/10/2019.

    1. Xpression Assist

      Good day Molise, yes I can definitely assist by following-up on a pending divorce claim. I go to GEPF personally to follow-up on my clients’ claims. I have sent you an email with further information. Regards, Janene

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