GEPF Divorce Claims

Xpression Assist specializes in GEPF Divorce Claims. The clean break principle has been incorporated into the GEPF.  Former spouses (the non-member) of members contributing to the GEPF can now claim their share of the fund as stipulated in their divorce order and don’t have to wait until retirement, resignation or death. Whether you need to submit a new claim or need assistance with an existing claim, we can help!  Read more…

GEPF Resignation

Once you’ve resigned, your pension claim should be submitted through your Employer and/or HR.  Should you’ve been waiting longer than 60days for payment, we can assist by following-up on your claim.

GEPF Death Benefit

In the case of a death benefit claim, the correct procedure should be followed and all required documents must be submitted.  If payment has not been received within 90 days, we can assist by following-up and determine what is causing the delay.

Other Services

Requesting A Document Relating To GEPF

Do you need access to documents relating to GEPF, but don’t have time to visit their offices?

No problem, we can assist. We can retrieve the following on your behalf:

  • IRP5 for year end tax period
  • Estimations
  • Divorce payment letter(s) (member and non-member)
  • Resignation payment letter(s)
  • Death Benefit payment letter(s)
  • And many more

At a nominal fee per document we can request the document and send it directly to you whether by post, email or WhatsApp.

Request Assistance with your GEPF Claim:

I acknowledge and understand that this is not the GEPF but a private company offering a service to assist me with my claim.


“When I had lost all hope with the GEPF and my mother’s workplace, Janene came to our rescue. Within a short space of time she worked her magic and we finally received our payments. Now we can get closure, meaning no more dealing with the work place of our mom. Thank you to Janene for her professionalism and consistency.” – Duduzile

“I was struggling for months on end with the GEPF.  So I googled and found Xpression Assist. Janene was very quick with her response to my email. She started the process as soon as I sent my documents through to her. In a little bit more than a month I received my pay-out.  I got weekly updates from her as to how thing are processing I am very pleased with her service and will strongly recommend her for GEPF struggles.” – Jessica

“Ek het meer as 6 maande gesukkel met my prokureur om my egskeiding af te handel en my geld van my eks man te kry. Met Janene het ek nie eers 2 maande gewag nie. Sy is fantasties en hou mens die hele tyd op hoogte.” – Retha

“My siblings and I struggled for over 7 years with our late father’s claim at the GEPF when we found Janene. She was honestly our last hope because we were ready to give up after all the visits to GEPF that resulted in nothing. We signed the documents and Janene started the process of which she reported back to us weekly. The weekly updates she gave us brought back all the hope because we saw progress. Within a short period of time we received our payments and it was unbelievable. I will forever thank Janene for her professionalism, kindness, patience, fairness and for being trustworthy. I strongly recommend Janene for her quick services for any GEPF problems that people are facing.” – Yonela

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